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Classroom in Action

Classroom is the key element of teaching creative skills. It is the fact that a mother is the first teacher of the child but this is also true that classrooms and teachers play a vital role in child’s future.

Classroom is the best place to teach a child to do coding as classroom value shares the team work so in classroom not only coding is taught to the child but also help in developing the other social habits that would help the child in life long span. The process of learning in classrooms teaches a child to do everything in step with a communicated process. A child becomes confident in these kinds of places.

Key deliverables from FIRST CODINGS

  1. Demo Class: We at FIRST CODINGS, while making them learn programming, entertain their curiosities. Our first step is towards finding the things that the child is fascinated about. Like if a child is more interested in playing piano, we ensure that we discover the topic that the child is interested in and engage them by combining it with programming concepts to build a fun project. This will make them curious to know how things work. Demo class helps the child and the team to understand the expectations from both ends.
  2. Teaching Hours : At our platform the major importance is given to understand how they learn. First we observe the child and then give them the trial by indulging them in one or another project to know what’s the frequency of the child to pick the concept as every child learns and develops at a different rate. We let them grow and develop as their own calibres.
  3. Explore the potential: It is the fact that children love playing and one cannot imagine what a child can do or develop while playing. So exploring through play is one of our classroom values. Encouraging them to experiment with the games they have learned to create reinforces what they have learned and also helps them build confidence in their own abilities. Giving them time to play and experiment on their own is one way to build a child.
  4. To give challenge to the students: At FIRST CODINGS we focus on challenging at the right level at the above three levels, the major importance is given to them that would help them adapt coding in their lives but in the end whenever the child gets stuck at writing their code is the right level where to challenge them. We ask them to take a break if needed and then come back and solve the problem on their own. This gives a sense of accomplishment to the child.
  5. Project work: Project work is appreciated and key to make students learn coding. Students are encouraged and given motivation to bring their school coding projects or their own work during extra hours.

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